About the Wayfarer Cycletouring Club

  The Wayfarer Cycletouring Club was founded in 1983 by several like minded individuals who enjoyed the gentle pursuit of cycle touring. Not for these people the hurly burly of road racing or the perilous dangers of Himalayan exploration but rather the enjoyment of a pleasant ride through fine countryside, convivial company and the delights of the 'tea stop'

    The mainstay of the club is the Sunday morning club run starting at 9.00am. After meandering through the pretty and varied scenery of the Island an 11 o'clock tea-stop s the order of the day during which time conversations ensue covering a wide range of topics!

  During the course of the year there are numerous kinds of ride such as 'easy riders' ( slower paced rides),'stove rides', mainland rides, Summer Solstice ride, camping and 'off road rides'. At other times club members can be found taking week long tours of the Lake District or exploring the by-ways of France.

    Over the years great friendships have developed and newcomers are most welcome, whether they come along for a 'one off' try out or as regular attendees. You can contact the Wayfarer Cycletouring Club by e-mail and the club runs can be found here.