On the Day

A Checklist to make the most of the event on the day


 Safety First - Remember that the Randonnee is NOT A RACE and IS NOT A SPORTIVE. It's a family event, on open roads for all to enjoy.

  • Please consider other road users and follow the highway code at all times, and also review and pay attention to the assessment of specific hazards along the route here 
  • Consider that you will be cycling through small villages and towns, where residents will be going about their everyday business. Please be respectful at all times and be an ambassador for Cycling and the Randonnee - the event does not take priority - please also respect pedestrian only areas in towns (e.g. Cowes High Street), they are not cycle routes nor are they on the Randonnee route.
  • You are likely to encounter horses on the route during the event - please slow down and follow the simple guidelines outlined here to ensure the safety of all.
  • Take the necessary precautions to ensure you are seen by others road users!
  • In certain conditions, the South West part of the Island can become misty - we strongly recommend you bring front and rear lights just in case for the event as well high visibility clothing.


In general....

  1. Before the event:
    • Download the Digital Brevet Mobile App (instructions here -->  Digital Brevet) , fire it up and put in your participant number. You will have this from the e-ticket sent by ticketsource, and it will be in the format of xxxxx/y (or if printed, you can scan the QR code on the e-ticket)
  2. On the day of the event:
    • Choose a checkpoint to start at, please bring your e-ticket with you (printed or mobile is fine) - checkpoint staff will scan it and check you into the event - You can start at any of the checkpoints on the day. The e-ticket will have been email to you when you registered  - look for emails from "ticketsource"
    • As you do either the 100km or 55km rides, each time you get to a checkpoint find the QR code for that checkpoint (you won’t be able to miss it), use the mobile app to scan it in, and you’ll get a rewarding little noise and a green mark against the checkpoint on the map!
    • Those who have pre-ordered their Badges this year when they registered for the event, the Badges can be collected from the Wootton checkpoint only and at any time during the event (not just at the end)
    • When you get back to your starting checkpoint and complete your ride, again, scan in the QR for that checkpoint and “ta-da” .. you’ve done it :)
  3. Please note:
    1. There is no parking at any of the checkpoints specifically - please do not bring your cars to them on the day, but instead use public car parks where available. Yarmouth for example has a large car park in town, near to the checkpoint.
    2. There are feed stations are Wootton, Yarmouth and Bembridge checkpoints - snacks available at others also. 
    3. Cowes Floating Bridge - Wrist bands will be available for purchase at the Yarmouth checkpoint for £1 on the day.
    4. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult - The parent or guardian of a child, by registering their child’s entry, is giving their consent for their child to take part in this event.

Terms and Conditions - participation in the Isle of Wight Randonnee

The Isle of Wight Randonnee ("IoW Randonnee") is organised by the CYCLEISLAND COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY (11610015).

The IoW Randonnee is NOT a race. It is held on public roads, many of which are small country lanes, which are shared with cars and other vehicles, walkers, and horses. Please observe the Highway Code at all times and take great care particularly at junctions. Many of the participants in the Randonnee will be at either end of the age spectrum, often riding in family groups and no prizes (or kudos) will be awarded for quick times or aggressive overtaking. The route is demanding with approximately 1500 meters of climb in the 100km route. Please ensure that both you and your bicycle are in a roadworthy condition, that you are appropriately fit and trained for the event and if in any doubt or you have any medical condition you should consult with your doctor before entering. Please ensure that you have appropriate clothes and sustenance for the conditions, though food and drink will be available for purchase at some of the checkpoints.

The IoW Randonnee is undertaken at the participants own risk and the organisers cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage sustained as a result of your riding or actions. There is no entry fee for the Randonnee, and the organisers do not insure individual participants for their own or third party loss. It is recommended that all persons cycling on public roads carry third party liability cover as a minimum and this can be obtained by joining Cycling UK or British Cycling

There are no medical facilities at any of the IoW Randonnee checkpoints.  The Isle of Wight is approximately 60 miles circumference with St Mary’s Hospital and ambulance station near the centre of the Island.  In case of emergency please use the 999 emergency number.

All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The parent or guardian of a child, by registering their child’s entry, is giving their consent for their child to take part in this event.

It is strongly recommended that all participants wear helmets complying with the latest ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL at all times. A map of the route is available  online and the route is signposted but please be aware that signs can be removed or changed without our knowledge so care should be taken to ensure that the correct route is being followed. The clockwise Randonnee route uses the round the island signed route following blue island on white background signs.

In view of the ongoing COVID 19 risk, we are, so far as possible, attempting to run the event on a no-touch basis with minimal bunching of cyclists at checkpoints.  Accordingly, entry is by pre-registration only and all participants will be asked to present the QR code associated with their entry either on their mobile phones or printed  at the entry checkpoint so that the registration QR code on their e-ticket can be scanned.  At each subsequent checkpoint participants will be asked to scan a QR code for that checkpoint using the free IoW Randonnee Mobile App (details for which are available on our website).  Participants are requested to wear a mask at checkpoints, respect social distancing guidelines and to use the prescribed one-way system to minimise “bunching” at checkpoints.


Please note that the roads on the Island are in the process of being upgraded and that some of the roads have a poor surface with potholes and gravel (particularly on country roads) and poor visibility with many steep hills and sharp bends.

Again, please ensure that both you and your bicycle are in an appropriate state of roadworthiness for this challenging event, that you abide by the rules of the road and exercise extreme caution on our often busy and narrow roads.

The following particular hazards are brought to your attention, listed from East Cowes in a clockwise direction:

Alverstone Rd descent:

SZ 52874 92825

Steep descent with narrow  corner at bottom

Coming from Fishbourne, left turn at Wootton Bridge onto Firestone Copse Road.
SZ 54956 92020

Beware of elevated road surface (lip that could track front wheel)

Right turn after Wootton Bridge:

SZ 54956 92020

Beware overtaking traffic

Carters Lane/Ashey Rd Roundabout:

SZ 59014 90472


Dangerous Roundabout

B3395 Marshcombe Shute, heading towards Brading from Yaverland, give way to on coming vehicles over railway bridge.

SZ 60598 86335

 Give way to oncoming cars over bridge

Coming down off Upper Road into Alverstone, there is a road junction with limited visibility, followed by cobbled section of road.

SZ 58162 85792

 Junction with limited visibility and cobbles

Lessland Lane:

SZ 54753 82958

Narrow Road with oncoming traffic

Lessland Lane/Redhill Lane crossing:

SZ 54185 81802

Hazardous crossing with cars from both directions

Newport Rd (Ventnor):

SZ 55638 77635

Right turn on steep descent

Gills Cliff Rd (Ventnor):

SZ 55255 77411

Right turn on steep descent

Whitwell Road (Ventnor)

SZ 544 773

Cross main road to Ventnor checkpoint

Blackgang Road descent:

SZ 48910 76917

Roundabout on steep descent with adverse camber

Marsh Road (Gurnard Marsh):

SZ 47101 95302

Give way to oncoming cars over bridge

Shore Rd (Gurnard):

SZ 47737 95652

Steep Rd with sharp bend and poor surface