Digital Brevet

Download the Digital Brevet App

First you need to download the application from your favourite app store  - either click on the appropriate store icon below or search for "iow brevet"

Note: The first time you start the app, you need to put your e-ticket number in - you can either scan the QR code on the E-ticket or input the number below it. (Your e-ticket will have been emailed to you when you registered for the Randonnee)


Get it on Google Play   

On the day of the Randonnee...

  1. Choose the checkpoint closest to you as the start point for your Randonnee (Information about the checkpoints can be found on our Event Details page) - if you're coming from the mainland on a Ferry...
    • From Lymington to Yarmouth - start at the Yarmouth Checkpoint
    • From Southampton to Cowers - start at the East Cowes Checkpoint
    • From Portsmouth to Fishbourne or Portsmouth to Ryde - start at the Wootton checkpoint
  2. At your start checkpoint, show any of our volunteers your e-ticket, they will check you into the event
  3. Start cycling!
  4. As you arrive at each checkpoint, look for the QR code for that checkpoint (you won't be able to miss them!) and scan the QR code in - the app will turn that checkpoint from Red to Green and give you a "ta-da" 
  5. Do this for each checkpoint as your take part in the ride
  6. When you arrive back at your first checkpoint, and scan in the QR code, the App will confirm you have completed the Randonnee..




Our Privacy Policy:

Users installing the IoW Randonnee Digital Brevet Card mobile application should be aware of our privacy policy:


  • What information do we collect?

    We do not collect or store any personally identifiable data through the application. We will ask you for your Randonnee registration number to register your use of the application, and which route you intend to do and this will be stored outside the mobile application. Each time you scan a QR code at a checkpoint, we will store the time you scanned and your registration number and this also will be stored outside the mobile application.

  • How do we use the information?

    The information we collect will only be used by our mobile application.

  • What information  do we share?

    We will not share any information with 3rd parties.


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