Alternative Route

The Floating bridge will be out of action the day of the 2017 Randonnee. As we did in 2014, we'll be using the alternative route avoiding the floating bridge, a summary of which is below.



Some GPX files that may help:

On this map the green start point of the diversion is about 11.5 miles from the Yarmouth Checkpoint and at this point you will be directed right onto the red route. Please follow the signs and the directions of marshals on the diversion route. The road leading North out of Newport is very busy, please keep in single file here. 

Having crossed Whippingham Road when you reach the red end point, of this diversion, if you want to go to the East Cowes checkpoint please turn LEFT and follow the round the island route signs into East Cowes, visit the checkpoint then return to the red end point continuing to the Wootton checkpoint, following the round the island route signs.

If, having come from Newport you reach the red end point and DONT want to visit the East Cowes checkpoint please turn RIGHT and continue to Wootton (the East Cowes section of your brevet card will be stamped at Wootton)

As in 2014, we will have had a great deal of help from the local council team with signs and marshaling and we are confident you will have a smooth journey on the diversion. Please take extra care on this section, abiding by the highway code and looking out for route signs. The Randonnee is famous for it's friendly atmosphere and if you see anyone looking confused or lost I know you'll help them out : )

Frequently asked questions about the diversion....

Q: Will the Cowes checkpoint still be at the Red Funnel terminal, or will that move too?

A: Yes, it will still be there for starters, finishers and anyone who fancies a detour to get a stamp. (We will double stamp at Wootton for those that don't)


Q: Do we still start at the normal checkpoints?

A: Yes you do, no change to any of the checkpoints. There is no additional checkpoint in Newport.